Three Strikes. You’re Out!

Bloomberg earned way

An Open Letter to billionaire Michael Bloomberg, former mayor of New York City who told the New York Times, “I am telling you if there is a God, when I get to heaven I’m not stopping to be interviewed. I am heading straight in. I have earned my place in heaven. It’s not even close.”

Oh, Mr. Bloomberg, you are just so wrong on so many accounts. But since you’re in a baseball town, you’ll understand this baseball analogy.

You stepped into the batter’s box on the wrong foot by starting your comments with, “IF there is a God.” There IS a God, Mr. Bloomberg, and He is holy. It’s best to approach Him with reverence and awe and not lean on your own understanding.

After that, you were just flailing. You took a wild swing when you said, “When I get to heaven.” Mr. Bloomberg, you assume too much. God owns the heavens, the earth, and everything in them, so you’d have a better chance of getting to heaven if you hadn’t already stated, “I believe in Darwin.” You see, God doesn’t take kindly to competition. Strike One.

Then it was a swing and a miss when you said, “I am heading straight in.” You’re used to being boss, aren’t you, Mr. Bloomberg. Doors just open right up for you everywhere you go, don’t they? But you’ll have to change your tune from “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” to “Just a Closer Walk with Thee” before the door to heaven opens for you. Strike Two.

You went down swinging when you said, “I have earned my place in heaven.” I’m sure you’ve done a lot of good things with all your money. Oops, sorry, it’s not your money, Mr. Bloomberg. It’s God’s money. He allowed you earn it and continues to hope you’ll be a good steward of all He has given you. That money can buy your way into a lot of places, Mr. Bloomberg, but heaven is not one of them. And sorry Michael, it won’t buy you credibility with God either. He said, “You can’t serve God and money.” If you want to get to heaven, you’ll have to choose. So, Strike Three. You’re Out.

Oh, and one more thing as you head back to the dugout. Although your fortune won’t earn your way to heaven, placing your faith in God the Father through Jesus Christ, His Son will get you there. It’s not by works. It’s by faith. God doesn’t want us to brag about how good we think we are. We aren’t good. You aren’t either, Mr. Bloomberg. You might hear the fans yelling from the stands, “You’re no good!”

And that other thing you said about, “I am what I am and, you know, I’m a very lucky guy.” Luck doesn’t have anything to do with you and your fortune. You are blessed. God has blessed you with all that you have in hopes that you will recognize where your good fortune came from. I’m sure you’ve heard, “The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.” Think about that implication for a minute, and remember… it’s all His.

You were right about one thing though. You told the New York Times, “It’s not even close.” It’s not close, Mr. Bloomberg. Your faith and beliefs are not in God’s ball park–not even close.

There is some good news for you though. With every breath you take, you have an opportunity to confess that you are a sinner just like the rest of us and put your faith in God’s Son. Until then, don’t count on “heading straight in” to heaven. That door is closed to you.


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  1. Linda, I sent your message to prayer team, but when I clicked on the connection and came to your blog, I cannot find any way to subscribe. I see nothing posted on your home page that indicates here is where you sign up.

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