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Ask, Wait, and Watch

Ephesians immeasurably more

Out of all of God’s commands, “ask,” “wait,” and “watch” are the three easiest for me to obey.

I’ve experienced, many times, the blessings and benefits of the One who has the most creative imagination, the ability to sustain all things, and Sovereign power over all that He created. Add His goodness and His desire to give us the desires of our hearts and you might understand how easy it is for me to ask for what I want; wait for His perfect timing; and watch in anticipation of what He’s going to do.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning said, “God’s gifts put man’s dreams to shame.” You’ve probably experienced the truth of that statement in your own life. I have, too.

Recently I had a friend help me open the kitchen window and remove the screen so I could shoot better photos of all the activity in my front garden. My dream was simply to get a clear shot of the flock of rose breasted grosbeaks munching sunflower seeds at my ground feeder. They only come through here each spring so we needed to hurry.

By the time the screen was off, the birds had continued their migration to wherever they go. Little did I know that my disappointment would soon turn to joy.

My new camera with its long zoom lens sat ready for action on the counter by the window when Mama Fox posed on the other side of the street.

Foxes 113

Not knowing what she would do, I followed one of the first rules of outdoor photography: Get the shot! You may not have another chance.

Fox sightings are a regular occurrence around here, but my neighbors had reported seeing a litter of fox pups rolling and romping together in their back yards. I’d seen the mother fox watch us as I walked Jethro several times a day, but I’d not seen the pups. So, in my most pitiful and petulant pre-schooler’s voice, I pouted, “Lord, I want to see the fox pups play!”

Little did I know that God had already ordered immeasurably more for me than I’d asked or imagined.

Look at these untouched photos. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d see Mama Fox drinking out of my bird bath. That photo is posted on my facebook page. Or one of her pups on tiptoes imitating Mama Fox…

Fox pups 020

Or a fox pup with fresh kill…

Foxes 029

Or action shots like these…

Foxes 073Foxes 082

That afternoon, Mama Fox brought all of her pups into my garden to play. They chased each other back and forth across the street till midnight. My street light allowed me to watch as they ganged up on a skunk and drove it out of the culvert they used as a hiding place. Too bad it didn’t provide enough light to get the shot.

Now, days later, the whole fox family continues to run and chase each other from my garden to the culvert across the street. I’ve shot hundreds of photos that I hadn’t dreamed possible. Some, once-in-a-life-time.

All I did was ask, wait, and watch as God showered me with an abundance of photo ops that far outweighed my desire to see a rose breasted grosbeak eat sunflower seeds. Instead I got to see the pups gobbling up the seeds and drinking out of a pan of water I put down for them.

Fox pups in garden 017Fox pups 039

What an awesome God we serve. He even answers pouty, petulant prayers with immeasurably more than all we could ask or imagine.

What is it that you would like to see? Ask, wait, and watch. God is able to make it happen for you.