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Juggling Chain Saws or Praying God’s Will?

Juggling chainsaws

Have you ever been afraid to pray “God’s will to be done?”

A guy in our Sunday School  class commented on that question. “If you’re gonna pray for God’s will, you better be sure you’re ready for it.”

It sounded rather ominous the way he said it; and I guess I have been a bit afraid to pray God’s will at times. In the past I thought that I knew what was best for me, so I’d just keep God out of it. He was more of a Plan B kind of God. You know: if my plan doesn’t work, I might try His.

But then I realized that I’m just like the guy watching a man juggling chain saws. “Gimme one. I got this. Come on. Gimme one.” And if he actually tossed a chainsaw to me, it would shred me a lot worse the rose bush that put me in wound care for a couple of months.

Although juggling all the aspects of my life overwhelms me sometimes, God already has it all worked out. All I have to do is ask what to do, or better yet confess, “Thy will be done,” and then get out of His way.

Why would I do that? Because as one of His children, He has made me a lot of promises that sound a whole lot better than what I could muster. So turning my choices and decisions over to Him, or praying God’s will, all boils down to trust.

So, who do you trust for help in solving your problems and dealing with the concerns in your life? Yourself? Are you really ready to catch that chainsaw?

Your spouse or best friend? Of course they have your best interests at heart, but sometimes their will for you may be what’s most convenient for them. Ouch!

Or will you trust God whose will for your life is good and perfect. After all, He is the One with the BIG picture and understands all the ramifications for all the solutions you could possibly come up with. And He even knows how to see you through the consequences of trying to catch that chainsaw.

Trust Him. There’s no other way that measures up to His power, wisdom, and resources.

God's Will