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Meet Christian Writer Eleanor Gustafson


Ellie’s short stories and articles have appeared in a number of national and local magazines. Her pallet of experiences (from being a minister’s wife, teacher, musician, writer, and encourager, to horses, building houses, tree farming and making maple syrup) has helped bring color and humor to her fiction. In many of her stories, Ellie explores the cosmic struggle between good and evil in light of God’s overarching work of redemption.

* * * * * * *

I began thinking up stories at age five or six. When I started to read, God drew me to Himself with, yes—a story. My fascination with story continued, but after reading early written attempts, friends and even my mother told me straight-out to stick to music as a career. I pushed manfully along, however, and began publishing both fiction and nonfiction in 1978. Dynamo is my fifth published novel and builds off a lifelong love of horses. My previous title with Whitaker House is The Stones: A Novel of the Life of King David.

One of the major influences in my life has been the writings of Eugene Peterson. Again and again, he has picked me out of the dust and set me on the shining path of spiritual wholeness. I just finished his Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places: A Conversation in Spiritual Theology. Took me two years of small bites to read and digest. It taught me that life on my terms simply won’t do; we flourish spiritually only by living the Jesus life. Now I’ve started on Eat This Book, which lines out the concept of spiritual reading. A quote:

“There is a certain kind of writing that invites . . . soft purrs and low growls as we taste and savor, anticipate and take in the sweet and spicy, mouth-watering and soul-energizing morsel words—”O taste and see that the Lord is good!” (p.2)

This is the sort of spiritual nourishment I want to take in and, in turn, to produce through my writing.

My extraordinary God moment was Dr. Peterson endorsing The Stones, my novel on the Life of King David. May God’s word, Eugene Peterson’s words, and even my words feed your soul.

* * * * * * *

You can enjoy Ellie’s tasty morsels by visiting her website: www.eleanorgustafson.com and blog http://www.eleanorgustafson.com/blog/. Look for her books The Stones: A Novel of the Life of King David and Dynamo in stores nationwide and at amazon.com. Just copy and paste this link.