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Seek: A Command with a Promise

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“Seek,” is the another of God’s commands followed by His promise, “You will find.”

Remember, God answers our prayers based on His plan and purpose for our lives and His will and perfect timing in any given situation.

“Yes” answers come immediately because whatever we’ve asked for fits within God’s plan and timing for us. “No” and “Wait” answers require some seeking and knocking on our part.

Seeking is an active process rather than just a verbal one. It requires time and patience for searching. Whether you’re looking for a lost item or a hidden meaning, your search will lead you to deeper understanding of what God wants you to learn.

While “Lord, where did I put my car keys,” might lead me to a lot of drawer opening, paper shuffling, and frantic room-to-room searching, God will use the time I spend searching to reinforce the adage, “A place for everything, and everything in its place.”

I’m not saying that God is into adages. But He is a God of order and peace rather than confusion and would much rather see me at peace than scurrying around the house like a squirrel trying to cross the street.

Whether you’re looking for your car keys or something much deeper like the meaning of life or a better understanding of a Bible verse, your quest for answers begins with your need to know. Your wait for answers can turn into hours, days, months, and sometimes years of seeking and searching until finally through that wall of silence comes an understanding and the discovery of God’s greater purpose as His promise, “You will find,” comes to fruition.

When the mystery is finally revealed to you and the puzzle put together in your mind, you will discover that through your time of seeking and searching, God has brought you into agreement with Him. And that’s what He wanted all along.