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Meet Christian Writer Diana Wallis Taylor

Diana Wallis Taylor

Have you ever wondered how writers come up with their book ideas? For Christian writers it’s usually divine inspiration.

Diana Wallis Taylor, an award winning author, has completed her fifth book of Biblical Fiction. She has written three other books of fiction and a book of poetry. Along with her books, her writing has appeared in various compilation books and magazines. Diana recently completed an Easter cantata, “Glorious”, with her fellow collaborator, Carolyn Prentice, who wrote the music. Diana lives with her husband Frank in San Diego, California, where she serves on the Board of the San Diego Christian Writer’s Guild. She enjoys speaking and sharing her heart with women of all ages.

Enjoy this God moment from Diana.

* * * * * * *

Last year I was busy finishing three book projects: “Claudia, Wife of Pontius Pilate” for Revell; “Ruth, Mother of Kings” for Whitaker House; and “Shadows on the Mountain” for Total Recall Press. I didn’t have much free time.

This year I finished a small book called “Halloween: Harmless Fun or Risky Business” for Whitaker House. Because of the subject matter– witches, ghosts, psychics, etc.– I had major computer problems working on that one. Perhaps I was sticking my toes in someone’s territory.

When it was done, I felt a bit adrift. No new contracts and no real inkling as to what I should work on next. I sought to work on another character from the Bible, in spite of the wane of Biblical Fiction, but it wasn’t coming together well.

I always enjoy e-mails from my readers and forward the best ones on to my editors. It is always good to let them know people are reading and enjoying my books. Every bit of PR helps.

As I was forwarding a nice e-mail from an enthusiastic reader who had read “Claudia,” I found myself typing the words, “I’m working on Mary, the mother of Jesus.” I hadn’t even thought of her until that moment. It had to be a God thing. I got out my notebooks, got down my research books and began the first chapter. The creative juices are flowing again and ideas are rampant. God certainly has unusual ways of getting through to us when our efforts are within His will.

* * * * * * *

Isn’t it interesting how God leads us without our even knowing that He’s leading us? For Diana, the simple typing of a possible subject led her to her next book project. What simple step of faith is God waiting for you to take, so He can continue His work through you?

To learn more about Diana and see her list of writing awards and published books, click here: www.dianawallistaylor.com. To order, copy and paste this link…