Resurrection Witness of Spring


I love spring and always look forward to seeing what will come back for another year in my gardens. This year I discovered plants that I forgot I’d moved; plants that I thought I’d moved and didn’t; and even plants coming up from the seeds of parent plants. All remind me of God’s promise to make all things new.

Teresa, my Georgia golf buddy and budding gardener, sent me the above photo of some dianthus she’d left in a pot in the back of one of her gardens. She commented, “These stayed outside over winter. I thought they were dead…but surprise!”

She also told me she had tossed two more out in the woods after they died. Now, with a full understanding of “perennial,” she scurried into the woods to retrieve them. The plants–still alive– are back in their pots and enjoying a lot more attention now.

That’s the beauty of perennials, isn’t it. They come back from the dead and are enduring, constant, and everlasting.

Jesus promised His disciples He would come back from the dead too, but they didn’t believe Him until they saw Him again either. Over 500 people saw the resurrected Jesus and talked with Him. His disciples even ate with Him. They enjoyed His presence for 40 days before He ascended into heaven so He could multiply His presence on earth through the outpouring of His Spirit into the hearts of believers everywhere.

His presence in our lives begins with just a small seed of belief; and like our plants that bloom where they are planted in our gardens, Jesus comes alive and blooms in the garden of our hearts when we plant Him there.

The glorious blooms we see in our gardens now bear witness to the resurrection glory that awaits us in God’s eternal garden. Let’s nurture His seed.

5 thoughts on “Resurrection Witness of Spring

  1. Just like the renewing of those beautiful blooms every year, we are also made “new & beautiful” through the love of Jesus Christ & His saving grace! Thanks for sharing your words. I pray that every time I see a bloom, I will stop to say “Thank you dear Lord for renewing me!”

  2. Linda, I love this. The dianthus are beautiful. Spring is when things spring up and come back. Like water in a spring, it moves upward from the earth to supply life. It’s sort of like an old time church revival, it renews our thoughts and minds so the Holy Spirit can get us into a “spring” mindset again. This just shows us once again, God is in everything !

  3. Yes I am thankful for the coming of Jesus. I have some of those flowers that stayed outside all winter and are coming back just a beautiful as ever. I am waiting for the coming of the Lord.

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