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 Molly Noble Bull

Molly Noble Bull is a native Texan and a published novelist. Her Christian novels were published by Zondervan, Love Inspired and Tsaba House. Tsaba House published Sanctuary, an historical novel set in France and England in 1748. Sanctuary won the 2008 Gayle Wilson Award and tied for first place in the 2008 Winter Rose contest in the inspirational category. Gatehaven, a Gothic historical set in a scary English mansion in 1784, won the grand prize in the 2013 Creation House Fiction Writing Contest as a manuscript and was published in trade paperback and as an e-book in March 2014. Elk Lake Press will publish Molly’s new western romance, When the Cowboy Rides Away, in 2015.

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The Day God Walked Me Home From School by Molly Noble Bull

I was in the second or third grade on the day God spoke to me for the first time, and I was standing at the curb in front of my elementary school. I noticed a gray sedan parked across the street. I’d never seen a car parked there before, and a sense of danger swept through me.

Maybe I should go home a different way, except I didn’t know another way. When the light changed, I crossed like I always did.

The sidewalk and curb were connected by a two foot strip of recently mowed grass, and the man had parked his car as close to the curb as he could get it. He watched me in his rearview mirror as I stepped onto the sidewalk.

He had black hair, dark eyes, and a mustache, and his cheeks puffed out at the sides like he was grinning. As I moved closer, I noticed the window closest to me was rolled down.

“Would you like a ride, little girl?”

My heart pulled into a hard knot. He had a pleasant sounding voice. But somehow, I knew I needed to run.

“No!” I started running.

As I raced down the sidewalk in the direction of our garage apartment, I tried to understand what was happening.

Mother had told me never to ride with strangers or even talk to them, but she never told me what to do after I refused the offer of a ride. I had assumed the stranger would say something like, “you don’t want a ride? Well, okay. Goodbye.” Then he would drive off.

But he wheeled as close to that curb as he could, braking his gray sedan to a crawl. He kept pace with me as I sprinted down the sidewalk. My heart pounded.

I didn’t stop at the first intersection. I ran across the street without looking for oncoming cars. As I approached the second intersection, I considered turning right after I crossed the street instead of continuing down the sidewalk. I could walk between houses until I reached the alley and then run down the alley until I got home.

A voice in my head said, “No, Molly. Just keep running down the sidewalk.”

I did exactly as the voice said and kept going. However, I soon realized that I needed to slow-down or I’d dash right by our apartment. I reduced my speed, hurrying across the three driveways in front of our house. The man must have noticed that I was walking fast instead of running. He stopped his car about forty feet ahead of me next to the tall grass of the vacant lot next to our garage apartment. The grass on the lot and between the sidewalk and the street hadn’t been cut in a long time. My head and shoulders barely showed above the weeds when I walked down that sidewalk.

A stairway to the side of the garage apartment had a landing about three or four steps up. I climbed the stairs two at a time without looking back. At the landing, the stairs went up the back of the building to a porch where the doors were located. I grabbed the handle on the screen door and pulled as hard as I could, but the door wouldn’t open. How could I have forgotten? Mama always kept the door locked

“Mama,” I shouted. “Let me in! A man is after me.”

Waiting for her to open the door, I looked down. Fear devoured me as the man stood on the landing, peering up at me. I couldn’t define the look he gave me then. Now I know it was pure lust.

Mama opened the door and went out on the porch to see what was going on as I raced inside.

“I just wanted to tell you, lady, what a cute little girl you have.”

“Thank you,” she said. “We think so, too.”

Then the man turned, got in his car and roared off.

Mama didn’t know what happened earlier, therefore, she didn’t even try to get his license plate number. However, she walked me to and from school after that.

What happened that day changed my life. I had disturbing dreams for years, and tall, dark, and handsome men were not an option for me.

I have no idea why evil men capture some children while others manage to escape. I only know that I am glad I obeyed my mother and didn’t ride with a stranger; and I’m thankful that God spoke to me that day and told me what to do as He walked me home from school. He protected me from all harm, and I praise Him for it. And I am thankful that I listened to what I believe was the voice of the Lord.

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