Mama Knows Best

Greg and Mom

I’ve heard it said that when people know they are dying, their last words are often what is most important to them.

Last week on The Five, Greg Gutfeld returned after having taken time off to tend to his ailing mother, Jackie. He returned to the show following her death. In his tribute to her he said, “Without her I would be nothing.”

From childhood Jackie Gutfeld was Greg’s number one fan, the audience he wanted to please, and his “senior correspondent” on Red Eye, his late-night satirical news show.

In the final segment of The Five–One More Thing–each panel member shared a tidbit that was important or interesting to them. What Greg shared was not picked up in any of his quotes that I’ve read; but as a Christian, it was special to me, so I wrote it down.

Seeking his mom’s last bit of advice, he told the audience he had asked her, “What can I do to make my life better?”

She said, “Talk slower…”

Greg interjected, “on the show I guess.”

“…and accept Jesus.”

I hope he will heed her advice, because that was important to her. It’s important to him, too. And Mama knows best.

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