Coming to Agreement

Jack Hice, Pastor Marble Plains Baptist Church
Jack Hice, Pastor
Marble Plains Baptist Church

Last night our pastor, Brother Jack Hice, told us about his schedule for the rest of the week. It included a funeral for a woman he didn’t know. He said, “One of her relatives called and said some of her friends wanted me to do her funeral.”

I know that his schedule is none of my business, BUT… Brother Jack is 82 years old and has been nursing his wife through cancer treatments for the last year without cutting back on his schedule of visiting the sick, preaching funerals right and left, and sharing God’s Word everywhere he goes, in addition to preparing and preaching Sunday mornings and conducting Bible studies for us on Wednesday and Sunday nights. More important than my exhaustion from just thinking about the schedule he maintains is my concern for his health. He is worn to a frazzle. I would like to see him cut back on his activities that don’t pertain to his own church family. Selfish. I know.

That’s why I sought the opinions/advice of trusted friends after church. “What do you think about his doing funerals for people he doesn’t know?” I asked. “Don’t you think he should cut back?”

I did not receive the agreement I sought. “That’s his call, don’t you think?”

Well yes, but… I’ll ask someone else. “How did you feel when he said he had scheduled a funeral for someone he didn’t even know? Don’t you think he should save his strength for us?”

Same response. “I think that’s his decision. Besides, look at all the good he does everywhere he goes. He might even reach some lost person at the funeral.”

Dang! Two out of two against with great arguments to boot. But being undeterred, I just quit asking. I know the Bible says to seek wise counsel, and I did; but I don’t recall that it said I had to follow it. You know, it’s a free-will thing. Besides, the Bible does preach persistence; and I was that. And let’s not forget, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

So, all by myself, out on that limb I went , and I told Brother Jack how I felt. I also told him I’d sought Godly advice and didn’t take it. Confession is good for the soul.

“I love you, Brother Jack. You’re wearing yourself out taking care of everybody else. I just wish you would slow down.”

“I know. I know,” he said. “You’re not the only one who wants me to slow down. My family’s been after me, too. But I’ll know when it’s time to cut back.”

“Well of course you will. I just wanted you to know that I care. We all do; and yes, I agree with everybody else. Your schedule is your decision.”

It’s understandable that everybody who knows Brother Jack wants a piece his of time. He exudes God’s love, shines God’s light, and shares God’s Word everywhere he goes. That is why people he doesn’t even know seek him out to do their funerals.

So Lord, please renew his strength daily as he goes about doing the work You called him to do…even though I still wish he would slow down.




2 thoughts on “Coming to Agreement

  1. Yes it is his decision, but God will let him know if he’s doing to much. God always tell his children to slow down when they are doing to much. Your just full of love and care a lot.

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