Beyond the Sky

Sam's morning sky
A Sam Stoltzfus photograph.


Being a positive and upbeat person, I’m rarely brought low by the weight of depression. But recently I felt a gradual pervasive darkness trying to set up house in my mind. Although the darkness took me by surprise, God wasn’t surprised at all. He knew it was coming and had already laid out a path before me that would lead me back into the light of His Presence.

Several days before, a friend had given me a Fernando Ortega CD called “Home.” I first heard Ortega’s music at an Anne Graham Lotz speaking event several years ago where he opened the evening for her. His music spoke to me, so I bought one of his CD’s.

His music still speaks to me in a haunting, other-worldliness way that often just whisks me away into the heavenlies, and on this particular day that’s where I desperately needed to be. His words in “Beyond the Sky” described exactly how I felt.

“When darkness falls over me,
This promise, it’s like a fire inside
Burning the dark away.”

If your spirit needs a lift, if you need to have the darkness burned away, if you need to be reminded of the tender transforming love and care of the Father and the home that awaits His children, listen to this beautiful beckoning into the light of God’s love and refuge beyond the sky. Perhaps this song will lift your spirits and lead you back into the light of God’s Presence, too.

Click here to read the lyrics and hear Fernando Ortega sing Beyond the Sky.

One thought on “Beyond the Sky

  1. Linda, the song and video is just beautiful. The words are so meaningful. I’m so glad you’re my good friend. You have introduced me to music and books that I probably never would have heard or read without you recommending them. I love you my friend !!

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